Welcome to my website for all things related to my writing. From here you will be able to learn about what I have written in the past, what I have published, and what is on the horizon. You will also be able to see information related to my work as an illustrator for both my own work and for other authors.

Right now I have just published my first novel, Glenrowan, which dramatises the final year of the life of Ned Kelly. In a matter of weeks I have sold more than 200 copies via the website I set up for the book and have been featured in an article in the Wangaratta Chronicle. This has been quite overwhelming but incredibly rewarding and has motivated me to keep at it and produce more work, hence this site.

I am currently half way through the first draft of my first novel that is completely fictional, The Widow, which is a tale of a frontier widow who gets mixed up with a gang of bushrangers. There will be plenty of adventure, romance and tragedy in this one and if I can keep up the pace I should almost have a book ready to publish before Christmas this year.

The other project that I will be working on when The Widow is completed is I am Martha Needle, another historical fiction novel that takes real people and events and creates a narrative from what we know in order to fill the gaps in our knowledge. Needle is most infamous for having murdered people, including her own children, with poison, but I think there’s more than meets the eye with this one and I plan to uncover it when I begin my research in earnest.

On top of all of these I am continuing to put out new content on A Guide to Australian Bushranging and have enough material in reserve that I can pump out new articles for at least a year without having to think of new topics. Technically speaking my first book was an eBook of articles I had written in the first year of the site. It was a learning curve, for certain, and I do intend to still produce a three volume series of non-fiction books that cover the major bushranger stories. However, the level of research necessary for that is quite an undertaking so I will be chipping away at that gradually.

That’s all I think you really need to know for now. This website is fresh out of the oven so it will still be undergoing a few changes as time goes on but it is still perfectly functional for its intended use. Feel free to have a look around and keep an eye on things. If you have a WordPress account you will be able to follow and get updates when there are new things to read.

All the best,