The dusk retires her blushing silk
and feeds the night her bosom’s milk
at once comes Luna, quiet and slow
with stars behind where she does go

Her radiant face so ashen white
beholds the rumbling in the night
the grimy town where players play
with no regrets at close of day

She contemplates the bawdy gents
on barstools that should charge them rent
shirts of plaid and beers in hand
red-faced from working on the land

The bitter suds flow freely on
loud voices holler out a song
above the heaving crowd a shout
lithe nymphettes on a girls’ night out

The well-refined drink wine and dine
on salt-rich foods so rare and fine
grey men in neatly tailored suits
with ladies in CFM boots

Champagne bubbles, al fresco cheers
cashed-up bogans, imported beers
and Luna peeks in windows shuttered
at children with white bread and butter

A simple meal bought on the cheap
to eat when cost of living creeps
the luxury of brand name milk
up there with oriental silk

But on moves Luna, no time to rest
by back seat breathing and naked breast
nocturnal eyes in bushes stare
with ankles bound in underwear

Green leaves rustle as marsupials hustle
ripe fruit feasting and tree bark bustle
beady eyes in headlights glow
as tyres crush soft stones below

A campfire crackles beneath a billy
children whinge that the air is chilly
they’d rather have sweet stories read
and be at home in their own warm bed

Still Luna glides past silver stars
while girls stand shivering outside bars
and taxis shoot past on the clock
circling round the dingy block

Now Luna sees the end is near
daylight tickles her chalk-white ear
the starlight fades like memories lost
as barmen tally up their costs

Luna is at rest at last
Sunlight’s golden net is cast
Roosters crow and fat hens cackle
floorboards creak as foot bones crackle

Bottles gleam in gutter mud
alley trash and brawler’s blood
the sweeper hums and crawls along
the pigeon coos her morning song

The walk of shame to waiting ride
lace knickers shoved in purse to hide
the evidence of broken drought
the perfect end to the big night out

And on again it goes around
til tired Sunlight goes to ground
and Luna moves across the town
beauty in celestial gown