On Sunday, 7 August 2022, I will be presenting a talk on Victorian Bushrangers at the Old Geelong Gaol.

Geelong Gaol is the most intact colonial era prison in Victoria and has been preserved as a museum to present Victoria’s penal history from the convict era to the modern day. The building remained mostly identical throughout its 100+ year history of use to house prisoners, with only minor upgrades in the late 20th century to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Some of Australia’s most notorious criminals spent time there including Frank Gardiner and Chopper Read, and the gaol would have been a familiar sight to many of the bushrangers featured in the talk.

This presentation will feature a rogues gallery of some of the more notable bushrangers in the state’s history including Captain Melville, the Kelly Gang and Harry Power.

As a side note, some of my books will be available for purchase from the gaol as well in case anyone in attendance is interested.

Tickets are still available from Fare Harbour (link below).