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Bushranging Tales – Volume One

An anthology of short stories about some of Australia’s most notorious bushrangers.

Bushranging Tales depicts real cases of Australian bushranging through a series of short stories, biographies, original illustrations and archival material.

Discover thrilling and horrifying true stories of robbery, prison escape and murder, featuring events from the lives of Michael Howe, Matthew Brady, Martin Cash, Daniel Morgan, Johnny Gilbert, Harry Power, Captain Thunderbolt, Captain Moonlite and Ned Kelly.

  • Year of publication: 2022
  • ISBN: 9780648957256
  • Genre: Historical Fiction

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The release of Bushranging Tales Volume One coincided with the fifth anniversary of A Guide to Australian Bushranging, the website that began Aidan’s deep exploration of bushranging history. Many of the stories had been featured on the site over the previous half decade in one firm or another, but in this book they have been fleshed out and expanded.

The stories range from daring prison escapes through to murder and robbery, highlighting the variations in the crimes committed by bushrangers. Each story is coupled with a condensed biography of the featured bushranger from the story, as well as an illustrated portrait and contemporary news articles that demonstrate how the events depicted were reported at the time.

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