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The Clarke Bushrangers: A Clash of Cultures (2nd Ed.)

Writer: Judy Lawson

The second edition elaborates on the information covered in the first edition. It also includes extrainformation on the murders of which the gang was accused. The robberies are analysed and classified.As well there is information on the capture of the Clarkes, including the endeavours of Bill Berriman.The key points of the trial of the Clarke boys are covered and there is also an extended section on thefactors contributing to bushranging based on recent developments in psychology

An Outlaw’s Journal – The Forgotten Story of Joe Byrne

Writer: Georgina Stones

An Outlaw’s Journal is dedicated to telling the story of the life lived by Joseph Byrne, lieutenant of the Kelly Gang. It aims to shed light on the often overlooked and forgotten aspects of his life, both through well researched and written historical fiction, and in depth non-fiction articles. An Outlaw’s Journal is also about bringing greater understanding to the life lived by Aaron Sherritt, who like Joe, is often greatly misunderstood.

Joe and Maggie

Writer: Georgina Stones

Joe and Maggie tells the story of the final months of Joe Byrne’s life, before everything would be destroyed at Glenrowan. It shows the young man beneath the armour who risked everything to be with the woman he loved.

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