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The Kelly Gang have been on the run for months and are the most wanted men in the British Empire. No expense has been spared in the hunt to bring them to justice. With the introduction of highly specialised trackers to hunt them and rumours of treachery amongst their supporters, the outlaws are desperate. Soon their leader, Ned Kelly, will hatch a plan that will not only bring an end to the pursuit, but will leave an indelible mark on the history of Australia. Glenrowan is the story of how one man’s burning obsession can have far reaching consequences, and how a tiny town between towns became as iconic as Gettysburg or Waterloo.


The Widow

Ellen is a widow working a dying selection on her own and becoming more desperate day by day. Even the most respectable person can fall from grace when pushed and Ellen does so in spectacular fashion.
The day three desperate men arrive on her farm seeking shelter, Ellen’s life changes forever and soon she finds herself wanted by police and hunted like a fox through the Australian bush.

The Widow is an examination of the false romance of outlawry and the depths we can fall to when forced into desperation.

I am Martha Needle

Melbourne Gaol, 22 October, 1894.
The sheriff requests the body of the prisoner, Martha Needle. She is brought out of the condemned cell, supported on either side. She gently shrugs the support away. Asked for any last words she replies, “I have nothing to say. Thank you, sir.”
She stands on the trapdoor and is pinioned. The noose is put around her neck and the hood pulled over her face. There’s no time to think before the lever is thrown and Martha Needle drops through the floor. Her hands spasm and she becomes still.

We know how the story ends, but what led Martha Needle, the so-called “Richmond Poisoner” to the gallows?

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